Simply electrifying

Electric products. Electrifying results.
Smart solutions that are easy to use.

Charge forward

Beautifully executed. Always sustainable.
And a gateway to a smarter ecosystem and a world of experiences.

More power. Less impact

This is Green Charging - an intelligent, enviromentally friendly, and economic way to charge your car.

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We move cars. And the world.

Our products combine connected technology with
recycled materials and Scandinavian design.

Charge Amps Aura

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Charge Amps Halo

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Charge Amps Beam

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Charge Amps Amp Guard

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Charge forward, everywhere

From the smallest household to large-scale parking houses,
we are there for every need.

Simply electrifying

Developed for a reason. Appreciated for many.

Intelligent inside and out

Our products put you in charge of charging. With intelligent software and technology, we offer a brighter and easier service, tailored to the individual user. Our app makes you aware of everything you need to know, while helping you manage your products simply and efficiently.

Brings brighter days

We have a strong focus on sustainability throughout the whole production chain, from drawing board to finished product. Our chargers are built to last, are future proof, and manufactured from materials that withstand the most challenging climates. From snowy winters to hot summers. All our chargers are made from recycled materials and are recyclable once they have served their purpose.

Aesthetically pleasing

When it comes to changing behaviour, looks should not be underestimated. We believe the role of design is crucial in speeding up the shift towards electric mobility. Our aesthetics are created by world-known industrial designers who apply their skills to design charges that truly complement a facade. To strike that perfect balance blending in and standing out. And bring even more joy to electrified life.

Our story

Man drinking coffee in kitchen

EV charging’s most innovative products originated from a kitchen table in Sollentuna.

In 2012, Charge Amps’ founder Fredrik Jonsson was one of the early purchasers of an electric car. He was not alone in recognising that a sustainable future requires a transition from a dependency on fossil fuels for transport, but he was one of the more impatient ones. His sense of frustration that a high-tech car had to be charged using chargers that were anything but intelligent, with a choice of materials that was anything but sustainable, gave birth to Charge Amps.
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