Lighten Santa’s load with our tips for Christmas presents


Christmas is approaching, and since Santa often needs help from us mortals in buying Christmas presents for our nearest and dearest, we’ve put together five tips for Christmas presents that should delight any car enthusiast.

  1. Into the small hours

Tesla Tequila, the new tequila from the Tesla founder Elon Musk, started out as an April Fools’ joke, but then became a reality. The taste is said to be inspired by dry fruit with a hint of vanilla and a balanced cinnamon pepper finish. It costs 250 US dollars and can be ordered from here.

  1. Ferrari face

The current pandemic has resulted in more and more people choosing to wear a face mask. Many car enthusiasts have dealt with this development by launching car-related versions, from a rusty Ford logo  to a Ferrari. They cost around SEK 100.

  1. Expensive taste

The world’s most expensive honey is, of course, produced by Rolls-Royce. The car firm has its own apiary with 250,000 bees, where it produces the Rolls-Royce of honey. Unfortunately, you first need to buy a Rolls-Royce to obtain it, so this is a Christmas present that falls into the more expensive price range.

  1. Additive-free electrifying tastes

However, the new Ahlgren’s electric cars fall into the cheaper price range. They are an evolution of the traditional sweets, which are said to be charged up with electrifying tastes. It’s also worth knowing that they are free from palm oil and artificial additives. They cost around SEK 15 and are available from here.

  1. Are we there yet?

Avoid the usual question from the little ones in the back seat, with an educational travel guide. By fastening it to the sun visor with an elastic band, stressed parents can prevent frequent questions about how far is left to go. Can be purchased here for SEK 80.


For anyone who has been good, there is, of course, always the option to surprise them with our stylish and attractive charging solutions. Welcome to Santa’s finest charging station workshop!