Charge Amps Installer training

Charging station Charge Amps Halo on a black house facade

Charge Amps Installer training

Charge Amps Academy

Basic course for installers

A basic certification course for installers of the Charge Amps Halo, Charge Amps Aura, Charge Amps Amp Guard and Charge Amps Cloud.

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    After completing the course, you should know:

    • The purely physical aspects of how to install Charge Amps Halo, Charge Amps Aura and Charge Amps Amp Guard
    • How to connect the various products to the internet and configure load balancing and load balancer groups with Charge Amps Cloud
      • This includes six examples of the most common types of installation
    • How to load and add RFID tags and link access rights to users and chargers.