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    What do you need help with?

    If you purchased your product through a reseller/distributor, you should first contact the company from which you purchased the product.

    Why should I opt for a charging station?
    1. Charging electric cars puts an increased load on your electrical installation. You need to ensure that your installation can handle the altered load. The challenge is not just an increased load, but an increased load over a prolonged period. The charging station has an active integrated safety system which ensures, among other things, that the current is only switched on when all connectors have been connected.
    2. The installation has RCD protection and DC protection for your personal safety.
    3. A charging station should always be installed by an authorised installer.
    Why do I need load balancing?

    Since charging electric cars puts a high load on the premises, load balancing is carried out. This ensures that everyone is able to charge simultaneously while also ensuring that the main fuse does not trip if you charge your car at the same time as running appliances such as an oven, a vacuum cleaner or sauna.

    Where can I purchase Charge Amps products and get them installed?

    You can purchase our products from our resellers and obtain assistance with installation. They can be found here:

    Where can I get answers to my technical questions?

    Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Where can I find the charging station’s WiFi password?

    The charging station’s password (WiFi password) is provided in the configuration sheet that was supplied with Charge Amps Halo. If you cannot find the configuration sheet, email

    Where can electricians route the incoming power supply for the charging station from?

    Please refer to our installation manual, which can be downloaded from our website.

    Where are Charge Amps products manufactured?

    All our products are designed and made in Sweden.

    What is Mode 3 charging that is used by your charging stations?

    Mode 3 charging requires specific equipment both on the vehicle and on the charging station. This safety level means that the cable between the charging station and vehicle is not powered up until the vehicle and charging station have communicated with each other. Only then is the power switched on in the charging station. The EU has decided that Mode 3 should be standard from 2017.

    What is meant by type 1 and type 2 sockets and what is the difference?

    These are two different types of sockets on cars.

    Type 2 is the EU standard, which is required, for example, to obtain a grant from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket).

    Type 1 is the standard used in Asia, which is found on Asian brands of car.

    What IP ratings do Charge Amps Halo and Charge Amps Aura have?

    Charge Amps Halo is rated at IP 66.

    Charge Amps Aura is rated at IP 55.

    What happens if the charging station loses its internet connection?

    It then works as a normal charging station, so it will charge the car as normal without any control.

    The charger gets very hot. Is this normal?

    The generation of heat in the charging station is normal. We recommend that the charging station is not installed in direct sunlight to reduce the heat within.

    Several of us share an electric car – how does that work?

    Several of you can share a charging station, but there is a limitation of one user profile per charging station.

    Is there a maximum limit to how long I can have my electric car on charge?

    There is no limit to how long you can have your car on charge. Our charging stations will send power to the car as long as it requests charging. If the car is fully charged, charging stops automatically.

    I’ve taken over a charging station. How do I create a new login to My Charge Space?

    To create a new login, select “Sign up” in the cloud service. If the previous owner is registered on the charging station, they will have to deregister themselves first. You can access our cloud service via the app or via the link

    I’ve forgotten my password for the app. What do I do?

    f you need to reset your password, click “Forgot password” in our cloud service. A link will then be sent to your email address to allow you to reset the password. You can access our cloud service via the app or via the link

    I have technical questions about the installation of Charge Amps Halo. Who can I contact?

    We recommend that you contact your electrical installer first or you can email us at

    I can’t find page when configuring the charging station. (The page cannot be displayed.)

    Check that you are connected to the charging station’s (Charge Amps Halo’s or Charge Amps Aura’s) WiFi network.

    Then check that you have entered the address in an address field and not in a search field.

    Note that when you open a web browser, a search field often pops up on the first page. To access, you need to enter the number in an address field when you are connected to the charging station’s WiFi.

    I can’t find my network (SSID) on page Timeout

    The signal strength should be at least -90 dBm (minus scale) or lower. If you can’t find the network in the list, the signal strength is probably weak.

    If you can find the network but get ERROR:Connection Timeout, the signal strength is too weak.

    (There are mobile phone apps that you can use to measure the signal strength up to the Wallbox).

    Check that the router is transmitting its SSID on the 2.4 GHz frequency. Some routers transmit the SSID on 5.0 GHz. Charge Amps Halo cannot connect to the 5.0 GHz SSID.

    Check that port 80 is open.

    Check the firewall settings.

    I can't find the charging station among the available WiFi networks.

    The charging station (Charge Amps Halo or Charge Amps Aura) network is only visible for 15 minutes after booting up and then becomes invisible. To make the network visible again, you need to restart the charging station via the switch in the fuse cabinet.

    How long a warranty do I have from the date of purchase?

    3 years.

    How long a cable do you have on your Charge Amps Halo charging station?

    Charge Amps Halo has a 7½ metre charging cable

    How do I protect my charging station against unauthorised charging?

    Firstly, the charging station is connected to a network. Then you can use the RFID tag supplied to lock and unlock the charging station. You can also switch off the charging station via our cloud service – if you go on holiday, for example.

    How can you invoice for the charging service? (Housing associations, companies, car parks, etc.).

    Charge Amps offers the user the option of obtaining reports on consumption data that can be used, for example, as a basis for receiving payment for the charging service in housing associations, companies or car parks.

    How can I become a Charge Amps reseller?

    Email us at and we will get back to you.

    Does it cost anything to use your cloud service?

    Charge Amps’ cloud service can be used free of charge.

    Does Charge Amps Halo need to be connected to the internet in order to work?

    You can, of course, charge your car without connecting your Charge Amps Halo to the internet, but you will miss out on a lot of additional smart features so we always recommend that you connect your charging station to the internet to gain maximum benefit from the product.

    Do your products incorporate RFID?

    Yes, all our charging stations have an RFID reader, and an RFID tag is also supplied with each charging station.

    The RFID standard we use on our charging stations is MIFARE Classic.

    Do I need to employ an electrician to install a Charge Amps charging station?

    Yes, a certified electrician is required to install the charging station.

    Do I need to download the app to track my charging?

    All charging sessions that take place on a charging station are uploaded to the cloud service. If you would like to access the data that has been collected, you need to use our app or log in at

    Can you charge a car that can only handle 1-phase charging with a 3-phase charger?

    Yes, you can. It’s the car that requests charging from the charging station which can never supply the car with more current than it requests.

    Can my charging station catch fire?

    No, there is a temperature fuse in the charging station that prevents overheating.

    Can I track my charging? / Can I view previous charging?

    Yes, if you connect your charging station to a network, you have the option to track and view your previous charging sessions.

    Can I choose between a type 2 socket or a fixed charging cable?

    It depends on which charging station you select. Type 2 sockets are available for our Charge Amps Aura charging station and fixed charging cables are available for our Charge Amps Halo charging station.

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    Charge Amps Warranty

    Our products are produced with intelligent software and technology in focus. Therefore, you can expect that Charge Amps products will last longer. We are so sure about the durability of our products that we offer a 3-year warranty on all our products. There is also the option to extend the warranty on Charge Amps products by two years and get a warranty that is five years in total. This means your investment is even more secure. This applies to new customers and for already installed products, as long as it is done during the warranty period.

    Read more about our warranty policy.

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    Assistance from Charge Amps support technicians

    You will be assisted by a Charge Amps support technician. You can expect to receive professional assistance with your case and to be provided with a case number.

    If your unit does not operate as expected, return it marked with your case number to your approved RMA reseller or local reseller – as indicated in the instructions in your support case.

    Your approved Charge Amps RMA partner will repair or exchange the unit and return it to you. Alternatively your local reseller may send the defective unit to their distributor, and they will send the unit to Charge Amps to be repaired or exchanged. You will get back a fully functional unit.

    Read more about Charge Amps support and RMA handling.